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Laiyang Yintong Paper Industry Co., Ltd.

100% pure wood pulp production

A large enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sales of paper.

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Laiyang Yintong Paper Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise which integrates the research, development, production and sales of paper. The company is located in the Yellow Sea coast of Jiaodong Peninsula, covering an area of 150,000 square meters, plant covers an area of 80,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 800 people, including 208 college graduates or above. With a number of world-class production lines, the annual production capacity is over 50 thousand tons. The leading products are anti-counterfeiting paper series, fruit bagging series, security anti-counterfeiting packaging paper series and high-grade cultural paper series with more than 30 varieties.

The company has a strong technical force, has its own paper research institute, has a strong research and development of special paper, manufacturing capacity, a number of invention patents, is a member of China Anti-counterfeiting Technology Association. In the same industry in the country to take the lead through the FSC international certification, ISO900 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental protection system certification and other industry certificates.

The company's development goals:

Relying on its own strength, in the shortest time, it will become a famous specialty paper enterprise in the whole country.

The purpose of the company is:

With the latest technology, the best product quality and the highest level of service, we will report to the friends of the four seas and five continents.





  • To prevent the infection and spread of germs, it can also reduce the damage of insects and branches.
  • It prevents air harmful substances, acid rain from polluting fruits and strong light burns to the fruit epidermis.



  • Reduce the friction between fruit and other substances, damage the fruit surface, improve coloring and increase fruit quality.
  • Improve the smoothness and luster of fruit surface, so that the fruit can be brightly coloured and beautiful after bagging.
  • Colleagues can reduce the number of sprays (pesticides), avoid direct contact with fruit pesticides, reduce pesticide residues.

Quality assurance, health and environmental protection


  • Increase the value of fruit and increase the economic income of fruit growers.
  • Green and environmental friendly.
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